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JCH Optimize for Joomla! efficiency test.
If you want to get best performance from your Joomla based site, there are several ways and steps to do that, but one step you shouldn't miss, that is JCH Optimize pluging. I want to be very short, numbers talk better than many words, I logged tests for two sites and all is clear. Test1. Ordinary Joomla website. Basic speed settings done, cache ena...
Comments · Jооmla · Friday, 16 September 2016
WIndows 10 Onedrive can't sync shared folders
​Microsoft Onedrive allow you to sync shared with you folders it supports that in Windows 10, Windows 7 and even Vista can do that, buy the way if you are lucky and have Windows 8, you are out of the boat. That is a way how MS force users to move customers to their most buggy OS (Win 10).  Based on my practice and discussions in internet peopl...
Comments · Uncategorized · Wednesday, 09 March 2016
Joomla, Protostar template, horizontal menu style
B​y default, menus in Joomla 3.0 goes vertically. It's not a problem to make it horizontal. To make the menu horizonal, you can simply fix Menu Class Suffix. Go to modules, open the menu module that you've created. Once the menu module is open, click on the "Options" tab and then click on "Advanced Options". In the "Menu Class S...
Comments · Jооmla · Sunday, 07 February 2016
Joomla 3.x menu cache problem (menu items sticking)
​There is a common problem in Joomla 3.x with sticking menu items when cache enabled in Global Configuration. When visitor select menu item, site opens page correctly, but menu still focused on previous item. Easiest way is just to turn off cache, but it kills site performance and best and also simple option would be to disable cache only for ...
Comments · Jооmla · Sunday, 07 February 2016
Dubai Butterfly garden

​That is one of the most beautiful place in the Dubai, here is little photo collection and few videos from garden. ​And videos
Comments · Uncategorized · Sunday, 13 December 2015

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