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If your iPhone doesn't want to send mails.

If your iPhone doesn't want to send mails.

Sometimes iPhone receives mails but doesn't want to to send it. If that happens with you, here you can find short step by step guide how to fix problem.

* This guide applies in case if your phone receives mails fine but only can't send it.

First you should test mail sending on yourself, just write test mail and send to same your address and check, if you didn't receive mail back that means your phone can't send mails from that account.

Lets go to setting and fix problem, just follow screenshots:

Open settings and go to mail setup


Select mailbox where you have problem


Go to account settings



Open SMTP server setting



If there is no Primary server defined, click Add Server, if there is Primary Server click on it



Here you should check and reenter you SMTP server details. You can check that data at your mail service provider help pages or just contact provider's support service and ask them to provide it to you.


In most cases Authentication should be set to Password, if your provider didn't tell other use Password option. 

Save data, if verification goes too long time, just close setting app and open it again, check ones more that data are correct and exit via saving data.

Now test mail sending again and I believe everything will work fine.

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