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JCH Optimize for Joomla! efficiency test.

JCH Optimize for Joomla! efficiency test.

If you want to get best performance from your Joomla based site, there are several ways and steps to do that, but one step you shouldn't miss, that is JCH Optimize pluging. I want to be very short, numbers talk better than many words, I logged tests for two sites and all is clear.


Ordinary Joomla website. Basic speed settings done, cache enabled, Speedcache extension installed.

Speed test result before JCH Optimize installation.

​JCH Optimize Free installed, activated.

​JCH Pro installed activated, Settings - Premium (one step down from highest level).

​All images optimized automatically by JCH Optimize (fantastic feature!)

​Result is better than I expected! All is absolutely clear from screenshots.
It also quite obvious that Pro version improves performance to higher level and it's shows great value for money paid.

I made one more test, just to be sure that there was no other factors.

Site before JCH Optimize installation.

​JCH Optimize installed, settings - Premium, images automatically optimized.

​That really makes all so obvious!

P.S. Be ready that you'll have to do fine tuning to get all components work fine after optimization.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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