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WIndows 10 Onedrive can't sync shared folders

WIndows 10 Onedrive can't sync shared folders

​Microsoft Onedrive allow you to sync shared with you folders it supports that in Windows 10, Windows 7 and even Vista can do that, buy the way if you are lucky and have Windows 8, you are out of the boat. That is a way how MS force users to move customers to their most buggy OS (Win 10). 

Based on my practice and discussions in internet people who moved from win 8 to win 10 often faced to problem that Onedrive still doesn't work with shared folders. As usual, there are no real help from MS, I found questions about this problem in MS support pages, but answers from support as usual absolutely irrelevant. 

Problem is quite simple, MS withing upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 just forgot to include Onedrive client into the process, surprise!))) 

To fix problem you need to upgrade Onedrive separately. MS doesn't provide solution for this, just says that Onedrive is part of Win 10 core. 

1. Open Onedrive settings (from toolbar via right click), go to About tab and click on version number.

2. ​You'll get to Onedrive page, go to download and just select Onedrive for Win 8 (Yes, just do it).

Download and install it!

​Now you can sync shared with you folders! (You might need to exit from Onedrive and start it again).

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